Monica r.

Washington, DC

Amazing tour of Jewish Heritage and Hasidic Judaism. Yoni our tour guide is absolutely the best. He is easy going and make the whole trip fun and educational. We love exploring different culture in NY and this tour is such a gem! As someone who don't know much about Judaism, the Lubavitch, this is the best tour to come to. I'm so glad we came to this tour and see another world. 10 stars??

Sandrine m.

Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jewish Brooklyn offers tour in the Chabad- Lubavitch community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, giving deep insights in the way of life and believes of the community.  From history to learning about Judaism and Chassidism philosophy and visiting exceptional sites such as the Chabad- Lubavitch library, the scribe office, the Mikvah or the 770 Synagogue, Rabbi Yoni shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for his - in many ways - truly amazing community with me. To me, it was more than a tour: a unique journey into a very solid, rich, and authentic community. This journey is also a distinctive key to Brooklyn for the ones who would like to leave beaten paths and understand New York and its specific neighborhoods deeply. I never thought I would ever be given the chance to approach the New York Chabad- Lubavitch community, and I was very positively surprised to experience such an openness and kindness from Rabbi Yoni who gave the tour on that day. You 'come as a tourist, and leave as a friend' has a true meaning, it really felt that way. OI felt richer when leaving. Amazing and unforgettable, truly one of the highlights of my visit to New York!

hanne g.

San Francisco, CA

I brought a group from Norway who were very interested in studying the jewish culture and faith. They were all very interested in all that was said; and learned so much. We were thrilled that we got to sit with Rabbi Friedman and ask questions at the beginning of the tour, and it was also very interesting to be immersed in the chassidic culture for a few hours. Thank you, Yoni, for organizing this for us. It was a wonderful experience!


New York, NY

Yoni's tour is one of the most amazing things I've done in NYC. I've lived in New York all my life and had always passed through the Hasidic community but I knew very little about them. This experience will truly immerse you in the Crown Heights Hasidic Community. In the wintertime you get to visit a traditional Israeli matzo factory. It is a surreal experience with dozens of workers yelling in Hebrew around an enormous oven. Yoni will also take you the famous synagogue at the center of the Lubavitch Hasidic community. In the inside you can witness hundreds of young men reciting and debating passages from the Torah. Truly incredible. Yoni himself is extremely friendly and accommodating. This is not an experience to be missed in New York.


New York, NY

Though Crown Heights is a short distance from our own neighborhood, today's tour felt like we entered a different world and Yoni was the perfect guide. History, culture, religion, philosophy, food, hidden spaces... this tour had it all. Yoni not only gave us an excellent backstory into the Hassidic community but he took us places and introduced us to people we would never have gotten to experience otherwise....he even brought us into his home so we could see first-hand what life was like in the neighborhood. No questions were off-limits as he wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to learn everything about the Hassidic way of life. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting NYC and to locals as well. We will def go again....